Here are 12 interesting facts and places in Capri that will make you want to jump on the next plane and head to this beautiful island!

1.Capri is just over 40 kilometers south-west from Naples. You can reach it by ferry boat (in about 80 minutes) or with the faster hydrofoil (45 minutes). Alternatively, from Sorrento you should expect a 40-minute journey with the ferry boat and a 20-minute one with the Hydrofoil.


2. Faraglioni – there is no easier way to recognize the island than by picturing its 3 massive rocks immersed in the deep blue outside its coast. The highest of the three measures 109 meters above sea level, while the middle one is probably the most photographed of the 3 thanks to its characteristic arch that you can cross through with small boats.


3. The Blue Grotto – your visit to Capri is not complete without a journey inside its famous cave. Yes, it’s crowded at times and the occasionally choppy water on the way there can put some people off, but nothing compares to the feeling once you are inside the cave.


4. You know you have to duck completely to squeeze through the narrow opening of the Blue Grotto? You have no choice as you enter the cave while your captain pulls the boat in using the chains that are fixed to the rocky walls.


5. The most commonly used word to describe the feeling when you are inside the cave is ‘magical’. The view, the vivid blue of the water underneath and the sudden peaceful feeling conspire together to halt the time. The cave is 150 meters deep and has a sandy bottom with a vault that reaches 50 meters into the cliff.


6.The Caprese salad gets its name from the island. It translates “the salad of Capri” and is made of three very traditional local products: tomato, mozzarella and basil. A very tasty and fresh dish perfect for the hot summer months!


7. Capri’s most iconic square is Piazza Umberto I, best known as “La piazzetta” (the Little Square). Royals, heads of state, famous actors and actresses, wealthy millionaires from all over the world have crossed or stopped by in this tiny and cozy part of the island


8.Roman Kings and Emperors always had a thing for the bay of Naples and its islands, but not as much as Emperor Tiberius who couldn’t resist to build 12 (twelve!) villas on the island of Capri.


9. Near one of them, Villa Jovis, you will find the Salto di Tiberio (Tiberius’ Leap). That’s the point where that ‘lovely man’ of Tiberius had his enemies, disobedient servants, undesired guests and even unfortunate cooks hurled from the steep cliff into the sea 1,000 feet below, only for his personal pleasure.


10. For more breathtaking views head to the summit of Monte Solaro. It takes approximately 12 minutes by chairlift from Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri and it really worth it.


11. The unforgettable Frank Sinatra fell in love with the island to the point that he had to dedicated it a song, “Isle of Capri”, in his album ‘Come Fly with Me.’


12. Capri is not the only stunning island in the bay of Naples. If you are lucky enough to have more days to spend in the area, go and check out the beautiful sister islands of Ischia and Procida.


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