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Cinque terre tour : The Leaning Tower, The Square of Miracles, Manarola, The Lovers’ Lane and Vernazza. Price includes trains and bus tickets, as well as entrance fees to the Cinque Terre national park.


Expert local English-speaking guide Maps and info provided
Train ticket Florence to Pisa Train ticket Pisa to La Spezia
Train ticket La Spezia to Florence Discounts for Euro Rail pass holders
Return bus tickets from Pisa station to the the Square of Miracles
Train tickets between the 5 villages of Cinque Terre
Entrance fee to the Cinque Terre national park
Guide gratuity
Ticket for Leaning Tower  (optional €22 pp )
Lunch at Lovers’ Lane (optional €10 pp )



Cinque terre tour , join this young crowd and make friends as you head to two must-see destinations not far from Florence.

This Pisa & Cinque Terre Tour tour is a perfect itinerary as it combines a single trip to two of the most iconic Italian sights in just one day and it’s specifically designed for independent and group travellers aged from 18 to 39.

The trip starts early in the morning with a 7am appointment at Florence main train station (Santa Maria Novella), where you will meet your tour guide and the other fellow travellers.

You will reach Pisa by train with the journey taking approximately 50 minutes.

Once in Pisa, your group will head to Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles) where your guide will hand you maps and list a number of interesting facts about the iconic tower and how it got to its famous leaning position since construction began nearly 850 years ago.

The little deep foundation (only 3 meters) and the consistency of the clay mixture underneath took it to the current position, shortly after the second floor of the tower was built.

Nothing to fear these days though: you can safely climb its stairs as the engineering works carried out in 2008 has stopped the tower from moving.

What hasn’t stopped it’s the large number of Pisa Pushers that embark in the competition to produce the best photo: relax on the green gardens surrounding the tower and challenge your friends and fellow travellers on who takes the best pics!

Pisa is not just all about its famous tower: the Piazza dei Miracoli itself is a stunning square that include other iconic monuments and buildings.

Most notably the imposing Duomo (the Cathedral) at the center of it, as well as the Baptistry, where the famous astronomer and scientist Galileo was baptised.

You will have one hour and thirty minutes of free time to spend between these sites on your own.

If you decide to climb the 281 stairs of the Leaning Tower, just make sure you select the option to reserve in advance your skip the line entrance ticket for the extra cost of €22.

Leaving Pisa behind, your guide will escort the group back to the station to catch a train to La Spezia.

From there you will switch trains to reach Riomaggiore, the most visited village and gateway to the amazing Cinque Terre.

The “Five Lands” (the direct translation from Italian): Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Manarola, Corniglia and Riomaggiore, are all equally beautiful and at this point you will feel like the world has just stopped and you are part of a living postcard.

Despite being an increasingly popular destination, its status of national park and the fact that its villages are connected by train only (or boat!) preserves this magical place from mass tourism and protects its romantic charm.

This little part of Italy has so much to offer: a spectacular coastline, crystal clear waters, stunning beaches, scenic trails, fine wine, delicious food, romantic walks and the picturesque houses painted in bright red, pink and yellow colours.

Once in Riomaggiore, shortly after a walk around the village, you will have the option of a light lunch (€10 extra per person) in the Via dell’Amore (the Lovers’ Lane).

Cinque terre tour will make you discover traditional dishes from the local cuisine will be served as you admire the impressive scenery.

The Via dell’Amore connects Riomaggiore and Manarola and it is the most famous section of the Sentiero Azzurro (the Blue Trail that links all five villages of the Cinque Terre). At the time of writing part of the Lovers’ Lane is closed due to a landslide, but 200 meters of it have just recently reopened.

The next stop will be the fishing port of Manarola.

Take plenty of photos of its little harbor packed with small boats before heading to the village of Vernazza.

Here you have free time to explore the place on your own or you can simply relax on the beach, sunbathe or swim in the blue sea of the Riviera (don’t forget your swim suit!).

Just before 6pm you will catch the train back to Florence where this Cinque terre tour ends.


Bigger groups may depart from Florence to La Spezia by private coach.

This tour will depart from Florence main train station and return there at approximately 8pm.

Discounts available for Euro Rail pass holders.


Hop on board

   The tour departs from Florence’s main train station.


  Kick off the tour with a comprehensive visit of Pisa’s Square of Miracles famous attractions.

Pisa Pushers contest

  Hard to resist this competition…

Train to La Spezia

   Reach the gateway to the Cinque Terre National Park.


  Walk around the most visited of the five villages.

Lovers Lane

  The celebrated section of the Blue Trail where you have the option of having lunch.


  Next, a stop to this charming fishing port.


  Relax on the beach.

Back to Florence

    Relax on your seat on the way back.


 Reach Pisa epicentre: the Square of Miracles

 Receive maps and hear interesting facts from your guide

 Challenge your fellow Pisa Pushers as you take your best photo of you holding the Tower

 Climb the Leaning Tower for an extra €22 pp (optional). Admire its seven bells, one for each note of the musical major scale

 Walk through the impressive Duomo

 Check out the Battistero, where astronomer Galileo was baptized

 Relax on the green gardens surrounding the square

 Visit the stands around the square and buy a characteristic souvenir

 Travel by train to the Cinque Terre national park

 Stroll through the characteristic streets fo Riomaggiore

 Stop for lunch next to the Lovers’ Lane for an extra €10 pp (optional). Walk this famous trail and catch sight of the beautiful coast line.

 Take plenty of photos of Manarola’s harbor

 Swim, sunbathe or relax in Vernazza


A mimimum of 6 participants required for the tour to be confirmed.

Exclusively for travelers between 18 and 39 years of age.

Be prepared for a good amount of walking: we advise to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

In spring and summer time the heat can be intense. Make sure you protect yourself from excessive exposure to sun and bring sun glasses, a hat and water with you.

This activity is not suitable for people with walking disabilities.

Due to the popularity of this destination, in summertime and on sundays the train may be crowded.

Local authorities could close part of the trail in the Cinque Terre national park at short notice if there is a risk of landlslides.

Trains’ schedule could change at short notice and it can be subject to strikes. Please consult the terms and conditions on your voucher.

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5.00 based on 2 reviews
7th March 2018

Cinque terre is awesome. It has a combination of everything you want from Italy: food, wine, beach, great views, etc. Riommagiore was our preferred place, lots going on there. Then Manarola second and Vernazzi.Didn’t get to see the other two. You MUST visit

7th May 2019


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