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The Vatican and Colosseum Tour in 1 day is perfectly designed for those who will spend limited time in Rome and don’t want to miss out on the two single-most important attractions of the Eternal City. Also, you are not going to waste any time with special access and skip-the-line tickets to the Vatican Museums and the Archeological area which includes the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

Skip the Line to Vatican Skip the Line to Colosseum
Entrance fees Professional guide
Headsets Discounts for kids
Guide gratuity


Choose this great value for money Vatican and Colosseum Tour in 1 day  tour if you prefer to make your own travel arrangements to the meeting points near the two sights.

Meet you guide and the other tour participants just outside the Vatican walls (see below for meeting point).

The guide will escort you inside the Vatican Museums through a fast-track lane and down the Bramante’s spiral staircase.

This impressive double helix staircase takes inspiration from the original Bramante’s staircase from 16th century (this one too inside another area of the Vatican) and built by Giuseppe Momo in 1932.

The double helix characteristic allow visitors to ascend or descend the staircase without meeting each other.

The Vatican Museums are an incredible collection of art masterpieces from the most important artists in human history.

You will be left speechless as you move from room to room, passing by paintings, sculptures, frescos, maps of inestimable value from artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Giotto and Caravaggio.

This journey takes you through some of the 54 galleries and rooms, like the Gallery of the Tapestries with its walls covered with Raphael-Inspired works, the Gallery of Maps with its ceilings with extraordinary paintings of topographical maps of Italy, the Gallery of the Candelabra, the statue of Laocoon and His Sons and the spectacular Raphael Rooms.

This journey culminates with a visit to the world-famous Sistine Chapel.

This is where every Pope since the 12th century gets elected by the cardinals who are locked in in this room until the appointment process is completed.

Painted by Michelangelo, its frescoes are among the most recognised images in the history of humanity.

Take as much time as you need to soak all the beauty of The Last Judgment and The Creation of Adam among the others.

Nevertheless, the collection of art is so vast that the chapel’s paintings cover 1,110 square meters, which compares to about one-sixth the size of a football pitch.

The tour continues with a visit to the Basilica of St.Peter, for importance and dimension the holiest Catholic shrine in the world.

Head straight on the main nave and reach the Baldachin designed by Bernini that protects the Papal Altar.

Directly below the high Altar, the stairs that lead you to the tomb of St.Peter.

Move over to the different chapels all around the church, rich of paintings and sculptures with the La Pietà from Michelangelo being the one you can’t afford to miss.

You are now free to grab a bite and then make your way to the afternoon meeting point near the Colosseum (see more details below). Aim to be there 15/30 minutes before the second part of the tour starts (14:30 autumn/winter – 14:00 spring/summer).

Starting from the Palatine Hill, probably the most symbolic of Rome’s seven hills where the rich and important inhabitants of Rome used to live, you will enjoy the view of the Roman Forum on one side and the Circus Maximum on the other side (and of course the Colosseum right below).

According to mythology, this is the site where Rome’s first King Romulus and his brother Remus found the protection of a she-wolf (that later became the symbol of the City) which  kept them alive.

When Romulus grew older, he chose this place as the ideal spot to build a new city. And so this is where the Roman Empire originated.

Walk the 5-minute distance to the Colosseum and skip the long queue to get access to this World’s wonder and the highlight of your visit in Rome.

Learn from the professional guide how the largest amphitheater in the world has become the most recognizable symbol of the ancient era and of course Rome.

Take some moments to imagine the 55,000 people crowd roaring as on the arena gladiators fought each other, challenged lions and tigers and re-enacted the last war triumphs across the empire.

The Vatican and Colosseum Tour in one day continues to the Roman Forum where you will learn all about the epicentre of Roman’s life.

Follow the original path of ancient Rome along the Via Sacra and see the Temples of Vesta, Antonino and Faustina, as well as the ancient Basilica Julia and Aemilia.

The Vatican and Colosseum Tour in 1 day ends here, so feel free to spend as much time as you wish inside the Roman Forum and go checking out the site where the famous Emperor Julius Ceasar was cremated.

Despite not being his real grave, but instead the remains of a temple erected by Emperor Augustus, people still leave flowers and notes on the altar.


Discount for children 3 to 7 years old. Free for children aged 2 and below.

This tour runs every day, except on each first Sunday of the month.

Language: depending on the size of the group, the tour may run in one language (monolingual tour) or two/three languages (bilingual/multilingual tour). In bilingual/multilingual tours you will hear your language through the headset, while it will go automatically mute when the other foreign language is spoken.


Meet your group

 Meet your expert guide and fellow participants just outside the Vatican walls. 

Jump queues

 Get in through a fast-track lane

and start discovering one by one all the major Vatican Museums rooms filled with countless masterpieces:

 Gallery of the Tapestries

 Gallery of Maps

 Gallery of the Candelabra

 Statue of Laocoon and His Sons

 Raphael Rooms


Reach the Sistine Chapel

  Take your time to enjoy this World-famous attraction.


Head to St.Peter

  Visit the holiest Catholic shrine in the world.

Grab some lunch

 Pause with a foodie break before starting the second half of your day tour .

Off to the Colosseum!

   Rejoin the group at the meeting point near the Colosseum and head to the Palatine Hill for amazing view of the Roman Forum.

Skip the line and visit the Colosseum

 Jump the queue and enter the most recognizable symbol of the ancient Rome.

Roam the Roman Forum

   Step in the epicenter of old Roman life and go find out where Emperor Julius Ceasar was cremated.
  • Jump the 2-hour queue outside the Vatican Museums with skip the linetickets
  • Descend Bramante’s spiral staircase
  • Hear from your guide as you visit the Gallery of the Tapestries and Gallery of Maps
  • Let your jaw drop for the stunning Sistine Chapel
  • Continue over to St.Peter’s Basilica, the greatest and most important Catholic church in the world
  • Wonder at some of its masterpieces, like Michelangelo’s La Pietà or Bernini’s Baldachin
  • Reach the Archaeological area of Rome and access the Palatine Hill with skip the line tickets
  • Discover the hill where Rome was founded and admire its iconic and best-preserved treasures
  • Enter the most iconic site in the world: the Colosseum (with your skip the line ticket)
  • Check out the arena where gladiators used to fight
  • Continue to the Roman Forum and walk on the footsteps of the roman emperors
  • Follow the path of ancient Rome along the Via Sacra
  • Visit the Temples of Vesta, Antonino and Faustina, the ancient Basilica Julia and Aemilia
  • See where Emperor Julius Caesar was cremated





Transport from the Vatican area to the Colosseum area is not included.

Due to seasonal opening times the itinerary may be altered without notice.

Meeting point for Vatican Museums and St.Peter’s tour in the morning: Piazza del Risorgimento at the Bar Caffetteria L’Ottagono (see Meeting Point tab)

Meeting point for Colosseum and Roman Forum tour in the afternoon: the Arch of Costantine -look out for the staff with the logo “I love Rome” (pink color) (see Meeting Point tab)

For security reasons it is strictly forbidden to enter the Colosseum with backpacks, large bags and luggage/trolley. Small bags are allowed.

The skip the line ticket will allow you to jump the long queue to buy the entry ticket. Still, be aware that as security has tighten up recently, there might be delays for extra security checks to access the Colosseum.

Be prepared for a good amount of walking: we advise to wear comfortable shoes and clothes

Visits inside the St.Peter Basilica will not be possible during religious celebrations or special events. On Sundays you can assist to Papal Blessings from St.Peter’s Square.

This activity is not wheelchair accessible

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